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Project to remove two Great Falls water towers underway

A project to remove two Great Falls water towers is underway.

The water tanks at Boston Heights Park were built in 1904 and 1920.

According to city engineer Dave Dobbs, the tanks haven’t been used in in ten years. He said the tanks were built at the wrong elevation to be much use to the city.

The $79,000 demolition project is being done by Shumaker Trucking and Excavating as part of the City’s capital improvement plan.

The towers have seen a lot of work over the years, but now would be more expensive to repair than replace.

“Right after World War II, lids were put on top of those tanks,” said Dobbs. “When they were built, surprisingly they were open to the atmosphere. In the mid 70’s, some other projects came along that put up new ladders and things of that nature, so they were maintained and improved over the century that they’ve been there.”

Dobb’s added there are no current plans to replace the towers. Work on the site should be complete by the end of next week.

-Reported by Joe Huisinga/MTN News

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