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Customers report another Spectrum outage

We have received several reports of another outage of Spectrum cable, TV, and phone service in and around Great Falls.

An online chat with a Spectrum spokesman resulted in confirmation of a service outage in the area, but the spokesman was not able to provide information about the cause, nor the estimated time for repair.

This marks the third wide-spread outage in the area in the last several weeks.

An outage in early October lasted nearly 48 hours, and last Friday, service was interrupted for several hours.

In both of those cases, Spectrum confirmed the outage and said that the cause was damage to a fiber-optic line, but the company declined to provide any additional information.

Spectrum encourages people who experience a disruption to ask for a credit on their bill for the lost service time.

We have tried to contact a Spectrum regional spokesperson, but have not yet received a response.

We will update you if we get more information.

Some of the messages on the KRTV Facebook page:

  • Ashia Skaflestad: It’s been in and out for the past half hour and now won’t work at all for me. Location near military base in GreatFalls.
  • Greg Dugdale: Well here we go again… Charter/Spectrum phones and internet down in Havre and then they are back up, then they are down again.
  • Misty Buck: just got off the phone and the automatic message thing said there is another outage.

(UPDATE, 2:42 p.m.) A Spectrum representative provided the following information to KRTV:

Service for Spectrum customers has been impacted by repairs being performed on a third party carrier’s network. That carrier is working to complete the repairs and restore service as quickly as possible. I’m trying to find more information about what repairs are being performed and will follow up when I know more information or am able to confirm that service has been restored.

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