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Students participate in annual District Music Festival

Thousands of students from middle and high schools in Great Falls and in the surrounding communities who have a passion for music are performing at the annual District Music Festival.

The festival was held April 11 and 12. It gives students the opportunity to be judged on their performances.

On Thursday, bands, choirs and orchestras performed and on Friday solos and ensembles performed.

Adjudicators are there to give the students feedback.

Clarinet player and Great Falls High School student Sawyer Fairbanks said, ““This gives you the experience to test yourself, see how you’re doing on certain things, because they give you a little sheet that shows feedback of how you’re doing on things, that shows you areas where you can improve and become an even better player than you already are.”

If a student gets a superior rating during the festival, they may be asked to attend the state music festival in May.

For the state of Montana this year, there is one state music festival in Helena and one in Billings.

Kasey Herman

Kasey Herman

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