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Incident prompts security precautions at some Great Falls schools

(UPDATE, 8:55 p.m.) The GFPD says that they took two wanted men into custody; they have not yet said what the two men were wanted for.

(UPDATE, 7:11 p.m.) We have received reports that the scene was cleared at about 5 p.m.

The GFPD brought its High-Risk Unit/Rescue vehicle to the scene, and several officers had their weapons drawn at one point.

We have contacted the GFPD, but they have declined to release any information at this point.

There were no reports of shots fired or injuries in connection with the incident.

We will update you if we get more information.

(UPDATE, 2:56 pm) Great Falls Public Schools posted the following message on Facebook:

LONGFELLOW ELEMENTARY is currently in a SHELTER-IN-PLACE due to a disturbance in the neighborhood. They are preparing for a RELEASE-WITH-CARE for dismissal. Parents may pick up their children but must access the building from the south side only. Please mind the police perimeter on the north side. Students living near the incident will be escorted home or will remain at school until picked up by a parent or the neighborhood is safe.

(1st Report, 2:51 p.m.) We have received several reports that some schools have implemented security procedures in Great Falls.

Among the schools affected, according to people in the area, are Our Lady of Lourdes, Head Start, Longfellow, and Whittier Elementary School.

Dea Brown posted on the KRTV Facebook page: “Longfellow in shelter in place cops with their guns drawn down the block from the school street blocked off.”

There are several police cars in the vicinity of Head Start, but at this point, police have not released any information about the incident.

There are no indications at this point that any children are in danger.

We have a reporter in the area trying to get information, and will update this post if we get details.

Here are the definitions of key safety terms used by the Great Falls Public School District:

  • Evacuation: Defined as an internal threat such as fire that requires students and staff to leave the building for their safety.
  • Lockdown: Defined as an internal threat and/or immediate threat. No one IN or OUT without administrator approval.
  • Shelter In Place: Defined as a safety precaution taken for possible external threat that is not an immediate or internal threat.
  • Class Hold: Defined as a safety precaution implemented during an incident where students need to be kept in the classroom.
  • Release with Care: Defined as a possible threat in the schools’ neighborhoods during arrival and release time.
Great Falls / Tuesday, November 6, 2018
Great Falls / Tuesday, November 6, 2018

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