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One Class At A Time follow-up: Lincoln Elementary School

(GREAT FALLS) Second grade students at Lincoln Elementary School are exploring their imaginations through storytelling this year thanks to a grant from One Class At A Time.

The $250 grant enabled teacher Susanne Halley to buy clip boards for mobility and book-cover materials that help students create their own story books.

“We’ll be able to share them throughout the school and then take them home and share them so it’ll be a nice keepsake for them,” said 2nd Grade Teacher Susanne Halley.

Second-grade student Sam Kohut says he was inspired by his favorite TV show; he wrote about a dragon named Dark Spiral who lives in a world called SkyLand.

Kohut says he’s already been creating his own books outside the classroom, but up until this point, hasn’t wanted much of an audience.

“I have a secret box I don’t think any of my family has found this yet, but I‘ve done like, to write books, I saw ‘Mom I need staples,’ and then my mom brings them to me and I run in my room and make books,” he said.

Halley says the class will make books about penguins and create their own fairy tales this year.

To learn more about the One Class At a Time grant, click here .


Keeley Van Middendorp

Keeley Van Middendorp

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