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Information from Shodair Children’s Hospital

Shodair: Helping Montanans with Genetic Disorders Live a Better Life

Imagine your otherwise healthy, vibrant child starts to have frequent seizures seemingly out of nowhere. Or after multiple family members are diagnosed with cancer, you are left distraught, wondering whether you’re genetically predisposed to developing cancer as well. Or your child’s bones start to break frequently after something as simple and innocent as a small fall on the playground.

Shodair Children's Hospital

Shodair Children’s Hospital: Helping Montana children in crisis

If you walk the halls of Shodair Children’s Hospital, you will pass brightly colored walls displaying the artistic expressions of Montana children. But this art isn’t filled with blooming flowers, rays of sunshine, or stick figures adorned with smiling faces. These paintings and drawings tell a deeper, and often times darker, story.

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