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Showdown preps for ski season

Maintenance crews and staff have been working hard all summer clearing trails, thinning trees, and upgrading new technology at Showdown near Neihart.

Each lift takes about 100 hours of work to get ready for the season, so the team has been putting in a lot of hours to get ready for winter.

Avery Gold, Marketing Director at Showdown, says, “Showdown is such a safe and fun place to bring your family. I grew up here. There’s just a lot going on up here and we try to keep everything here as affordable as we can. We just want people to come up and enjoy winter, because winters can be so long in Montana so you might as well enjoy it!”

While getting stories together at the mountain, Elizabeth Transue and I decided to get creative. She put together this story, and mine is scheduled to air next week.

Looking for any excuse to get back on the snow, I strapped on my board and threw on my goggles-even if we do need a little more snow (and polished skills) before the season starts.

Showdown’s tentative opening day is December 14th.

Elizabeth Copeland

Elizabeth Copeland

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