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Early voting begins while absentee ballot mailer causes confusion

Early voting for the upcoming mid-term election kicked off in Cascade County on Tuesday.

Residents were able to pick up a ballot and vote in person at the Elections Office located at 325 2nd Avenue North.

Tuesday also marked the last day that people could register through the mail.

If you have not registered, you now have to go to the Elections Office to do so.

Absentee ballots will also hit the mail on Friday, October 12, and residents should receive them sometime next week.

However, many people across Montana have received mail that states they are not on the absentee list.

Cascade County Clerk and Recorder Rina Moore said the mailers are coming from the New American Jobs Fund and that the Elections Office has received hundreds of calls and people coming in with questions concerning the mailers. She believes they were intended to target voters who are not on absentee lists, but that is not the case.

Moore added that residents are more than welcome to call to verify, but if they received an absentee ballot in June, they should be on the list for this fall.

They were sent by the “New American Jobs Fund,” a partnership between the League of Conservation Voters and United Steelworkers, with goal of making voting easier, said Alyssa Roberts, the League of Conservation Voters press secretary.

All of the information filled out on these forms come from the Secretary of State’s public voter file and is legitimate and legal, she said.

If you do get one, and choose to fill it out, Roberts says to return it to your local county election office.

In August, the New American Jobs Fund announced a partnership in four Senate races across the country, including Montana.


Margaret DeMarco

Margaret DeMarco

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