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7 Great Ways to Save for Your Dream Vacation

What journey is your dream vacation? A week on Broadway in the Big Apple? Communing with kangaroos in the Australian outback? A cruise down the Danube with stops in world capitals of Vienna, Budapest and Belgrade?

Opportunity Bank: A Montana Staple For 95 Years

Born in Helena in 1922, the business now known as Opportunity Bank of Montana, Member FDIC/ Equal Housing Lender, turns the big 9-5 this month. Nearly a century has passed and the business has grown, but the commitment to Montana communities remains the same.

How to Take Full Advantage of Mobile Banking

These days, referring to your relationship with your bank as “mobile banking” is like talking about “sports” bars and “smart” phones – redundant and unnecessary. Banking is mobile, and every day more people access their bank through their phones. The number of people using mobile banking quadrupled to 45 million from 2012 to 2014, according to Bankrate. It is estimated at more than 100 million users today.

Financial Literacy and Our Children

As young people enter adulthood and are asked to make increasingly complex decisions involving their finances, it is more important than ever that we teach our children about money. Exposing our next generation to banking, budgeting, and investing at an early age will better prepare them to make sound financial decisions as adults.

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