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KRTV Job Opening: Multi-Media Journalist

KRTV Communications, LLC in Great Falls, MT is looking for a dedicated journalist.  We are searching for applicants who are passionate about journalism and are willing to work hard. Reporters who apply must be interested in investigative journalism and storytelling.

Candidates must be able to shoot and edit video and have strong writing and interviewing skills. They must also write stories for the station website and understand the importance of breaking news online and the use of social media as a journalistic tool. KRTV and the Montana Television Network are committed to providing the best on-air and online coverage for the entire state of Montana.

Applicants must have a college degree in journalism or a related field and be able to lift and operate television equipment.

You will be working with a dedicated group of journalists and living in an area with unlimited recreational opportunities.  Great Falls is less than 2 hours from Glacier National Park and near prime skiing, hiking, and fishing sites.

Please email a cover letter, resume, and resume reel to:

Or mail to:
KRTV – Attn: HR
100 W. Lyndale Avenue, Suite A.
Helena, MT 59601

KRTV Communications, LLC is an equal opportunity employer.

Please mention where you learned of this posting when applying.

Posted 08.29.18

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